June 21, 2024
Siris Tree Leaves

Siris Tree Leaves Show Potential In Halting Spread Of Breast Cancer Cells, Reveals Research

Researchers have uncovered a promising discovery that the leaves of Albizia lebbeck, also known as the siris tree, could serve as a natural remedy to combat the metastasis of breast cancer cells. The study, featured in the journal Scientific Reports, demonstrates the ability of these leaves to hinder the spread of cancerous cells to different parts of the body.

Dr. Dilber Uzun Ozsahin, an associate professor at the University of Sharjah’s Department of Medical Diagnostic Imaging and a co-author of the study, emphasized the critical role of impeding cancer cell migration in preventing the deadly spread of cancer to distant organs, especially in cancers like breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer is the primary cause of fatality in breast cancer patients, with the World Health Organization reporting 2.3 million new cases of breast cancer in 2022, leading to 670,000 deaths in the same year.

The research employed various advanced computational models, including multilayer perceptron (MLP), extreme gradient boosting (XGB), and extreme learning machine (ELM), to predict the inhibition of in vitro cancer cell migration using the organic compounds found in Albizia lebbeck leaves.

The study revealed that different concentrations of the plant extract were non-toxic and did not affect cell proliferation but displayed significant anti-migratory properties in MDA-MB 231 and MCF-7 cells, with increased concentration.

Dr. Huzaifa Umar of the Near East University of Northern Cyprus, the lead author of the study, highlighted the significance of this research in exploring natural compounds and advanced computational techniques in the treatment and prevention of cancer metastasis, underscoring the importance of discovering medicinal plants that can inhibit the spread of cancer cells while minimizing side effects.

The study not only sheds light on the potential of medicinal plants in cancer treatment but also paves the way for future research on other beneficial medicinal plants. The authors’ aim is to discover plants that can effectively halt metastasis with minimal side effects, addressing a crucial need in cancer research.

The discovery of Albizia lebbeck as a natural agent in combating breast cancer metastasis holds great promise for improving patient outcomes and developing safer and more effective therapies in cancer treatment. The study’s rigorous scientific methods in evaluating the bioactive compounds of medicinal plants, particularly Albizia lebbeck, have generated significant interest from the medical community.

Moving forward, the researchers aim to collaborate with industries to advance the study to the clinical stage, where novel therapies can be evaluated for safety, efficacy, and feasibility in human subjects through rigorous clinical trials. In conclusion, the study signifies a significant advancement in cancer research and may lead to the development of innovative therapies for combating metastatic breast cancer.

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