April 18, 2024
Pet Care Products

Everything You Need To Know About Pet Care Products

Caring for our furry companions is extremely important but there are often many questions about the various pet care products available and how to choose the best options.

Arguably one of the most important Pet Care Products categories is food. Pets need high-quality nutrition to keep them healthy, energetic and avoid medical issues down the road. Here are some tips for choosing pet food:

The first thing to check is the ingredient list. High-quality foods will have meat or meat meal as the number one ingredient while lower quality foods may contain byproducts, corn, wheat or soy fillers. The fewer and more recognizable the ingredients, the better.

Opt for foods that are formulated to meet your pet’s specific life stage whether they are a puppy/kitten, adult or senior pet. These diets will provide the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and more to support your pet’s overall wellness.

Some top brand names that consistently put pet health as a top priority include Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan and Hill’s Science Diet. Read reviews to find the best option for your budget.

Homemade Diets
While occasional homemade food as treats can be fine, your pet relies on you to meet their daily nutritional needs so consult your vet before making a solely homemade diet part of their regular meals. Commercial foods are scientifically balanced.

Bathing, brushing, nail trims – grooming is essential care for pets. Here are some must-have grooming supplies:

Choose brushes and combs suited for your pet’s coat type whether long, short, curly or thin hair. Brush regularly to remove dead hair, distribute oils and reduce shedding.

Look for pet-safe shampoos without dyes or harsh chemicals. Careful bathing helps keep coats and skin healthy while conditioner detangles knots and leaves hair silky.

Nail Clippers/Dremel
Regularly file or trim your pet’s nails to avoid tears or scratches. Invest in good quality clippers or a small pet safe electric nail file for the job.

Ear Cleaner
Cotton balls or wipes and a gentle ear cleaner solution are necessary to wipe out ear wax buildup and prevent infections, especially for floppy eared dogs.

Choose brushes and combs suited for your pet’s coat type whether long, short, curly or thin hair. Brush regularly to remove dead hair, distribute oils and reduce shedding.

Health Essentials
No pet is exempt from potential health issues so have these basic care items on hand:

First Aid Kit
At minimum, your kit should include bandages, antibiotics, scissors/tweezers, muzzle, thermal blanket and other supplies for minor cuts/wounds.

Pet Thermometer
A thermometer allows you to monitor for fever which is an important indicator something may be wrong. Rectal is most accurate for small pets.

Flea/Tick Prevention
Indoor and outdoor pets both need protection from external parasites. Speak to your vet about your pet’s risk level and the best preventative medications/collars.

Deworming Medication
Intestinal parasites are common in pets. Follow an appropriate deworming schedule based on your vet’s advice to keep their GI tract parasite-free.

Health Records
Keep vaccination records, microchip information, health/surgery history and contact details for your vet in an easy to access location in case you need to share quickly.

Hygiene Aids
Pet hygiene covers more than just grooming. Here are important hygiene items:

Pet Wipes/Shampoo
Quickly freshen pets between full baths with wipes or dilution shampoo to spot clean paws, faces and areas prone to accidental messes.

Dental health is vital. Daily toothbrushing (even just a few times weekly) helps remove plaque and tartar with pet-appropriate toothpaste/brushes.

Nail Claws Covers
Trimming alone isn’t enough for destructive scratchers. Covers protect furniture and build positive reinforcement with activities.

Pet Car Seats/Carriers
Safety is key when transporting pets whether in the car or for vet visits. Seats and carriers allow control and comfort.

Potty Clean-up
Enzymatic cleaners and gloves make quick work of indoor accidents while scoopable litter simplifies litter box maintenance.
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