April 17, 2024
U.S. Lightning Products

United States Lightning Products Leading the Way

The United States has long been at the forefront of electrical safety innovation and production. From early developments like Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod to modern advancements in surge protection, American companies continue pushing boundaries to keep people and property safe from the destructive forces of lightning strikes and power surges. This article explores some of the top U.S. brands at the cutting edge of lightning protection and surge suppression technology.

Lightning Master – Pioneers of Lightning Protection Systems

Headquartered in Florida, US Lightning Products Master has been designing and manufacturing lightning protection systems for over 50 years. As lightning capital of the world, Florida is pummeled by over 100 strikes per square mile annually, giving Lightning Master deep experience protecting homes, buildings, communication towers and more from frequent lightning dangers. Their prefabricated systems make installation quick and simple with components that interlock for a seamless network. Lightning Master also specializes in air terminals like Franklin rods that safely dissipate strikes before they can damage structures. With a national network of certified contractors, Lightning Master ensures quality protection nationwide.

ERICO CADDY – Surge Suppression for Critical Infrastructure

Ohio-based ERICO CADDY is famous for protecting utilities, data centers, hospitals and other facilities with vital electronics. Their surge protection devices (SPDs) are rigorously tested to withstand extreme currents without failure to safely divert surges to ground. ERICO CADDY’s low-profile SPDs integrate neatly into new and existing buildings. Specific product lines protect low-voltage control systems, safety circuits and fiber/data cabling from surges that could disrupt operations or cause costly damage. ERICO CADDY works closely with engineers to assess surge risks and design custom solutions for mission-critical sites requiring maximum uptime.

Polyphaser – Portable Surge Suppression For Mobiles

As electronics become increasingly mobile, the need for portable surge protection also grows. Polyphaser of New York answers this need with a line of compact surge suppressors designed for field use. Their MultiGuard arrestors plug directly into vehicle power outlets or generator ports to protect tools, laptops, radios and more during outdoor use. Polyphaser even makes specialized suppressors for marine environments. For indoor or fixed applications, Polyphaser SPDs install easily without rewiring. Service technicians, field engineers and utility crews rely on Polyphaser to keep their mobile gear functioning reliably wherever work takes them. Compact yet robust designs make Polyphaser suppressors a mainstay for professionals on the go.

Tripp Lite – Reliable Surge Protection for Home or Business

For over 100 years, Tripp Lite of Chicago has engineered surge protectors and power distribution solutions serving commercial, residential and industrial customers. Their Isobar surge suppressors safeguard desktop electronics, home theaters and small offices with circuits that divert thousands of volts harmlessly to ground during surges. For larger facilities, Tripp Lite offers rack-mount and hardwired panel suppressors providing whole-building protection. UPS battery backups ensure sensitive electronics keep running during outages too. Whether protecting a home entertainment center or critical business servers, Tripp Lite delivers affordable reliability backed by a lifetime warranty. Their surge suppressors integrate seamlessly into any environment requiring consistent power quality.

Current Developments in Surge Detection

To build on surge protection fundamentals, some companies are exploring new monitoring capabilities. Eaton of Cleveland recently debuted a surge sensor that mounts within electrical panels. Using sophisticated signal processing, it detects surge waveforms to identify the root cause—whether from lightning, switching transients or other sources. This information lets facilities pinpoint weaknesses in their protection strategy to better harden systems against future events. Eaton says the sensor provides valuable surge analytics to improve resiliency over the long run.

Additionally, Oakley-Based Raycap is developing surge monitors that transmit detection data wirelessly. This allows monitoring surges remotely even at unmanned or far-flung sites like utility substations, cell towers and pipelines. Raycap sees wireless surge transmitters as crucial for infrastructure operators to proactively manage widespread assets from any location. As internet-connected “Internet of Things” devices proliferate critical infrastructure, real-time surge awareness will grow in strategic importance. American firms are leading the charge in bringing new levels of insight and control to lightning and surge protection management.

From small suppressors to extensive lightning protection systems, the United States continues innovating solutions to shield life and property from electrical dangers. As electronics become ever more pervasive, so too does the demand for reliable surge and spike suppression. American companies answer this need by designing cutting-edge protection validated through extensive testing. Whether safeguarding infrastructure, field tools or home electronics, these brands engineer peace of mind through robust designs, backed by reputation and expertise earned over generations. As electrical threats evolve, America’s lightning protection pioneers remain at the forefront of research, product development and technical support to keep people and systems running safely.

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