May 22, 2024
Roofing Coatings

Roofing Coatings: Essential Solutions for Protecting Your Roof

A roof acts as the first line of defense for a home, protecting the interior from harsh weather elements like rain, snow, sunlight, and high wind speeds. Over time, roofs degrade due to continuous exposure to these exterior forces. Roofing coatings provide an essential solution for shielding and preserving aged or damaged roof surfaces.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are among the most popular options for roof restoration and protection. Made from synthetic rubber or plastic, elastomeric coatings form a flexible, seamless barrier that stretches with roof movements without cracking. They spread evenly to completely seal roof surfaces. Some key advantages of elastomeric coatings include:

– Durability: Lasting 10-15 years, elastomeric coatings are highly durable compared to other types.
– Flexibility: Can bridge gaps and withstand thermal expansion/contraction of roof materials like metal, membrane, etc.
– UV Resistance: Special UV resistant formulations shield roofs from sun damage.
– Low Maintenance: Once applied, elastomeric coatings require minimal upkeep.
– Energy Efficient: Form an insulating barrier to regulate interior temperatures and lower heating/cooling costs.

Acrylic Roof Coatings

Acrylic coatings rely on acrylic polymer technology for protection. While less durable than elastomerics, they provide decent waterproofing at lower cost. Approximate lifespan is 5-7 years. Some pros of acrylic Roofing Coatings include:

– Affordability: Inexpensive option for roof restoration on tight budgets.
– Quick Dry Technology: Faster drying formulations save application time.
– Solar Reflectance: White acrylic varieties reflect sunlight and reduce interior temperatures.
– Low VOC: Environment-friendly acrylics emit minimal volatile organic compounds.
– Water-Based: Easier to clean brushes and equipment with water instead of toxic solvents.

Cementitious Roof Coatings

For masonry, tile and concrete roof surfaces, cementitious coatings form an ideal choice. Made from portland cement and polymeric additives, they bond seamlessly to cure as an integral part of the substrate. Benefits are:

– Permanence: With lifetime around 20-30 years, cementitious coatings are among the most durable options.
– Waterproof: Form a water-tight barrier to repel rain and moisture.
– Breathability: Porous structure allows vapor to pass through without blistering or alligatoring.
– Ponding Water Resistance: Can withstand pooling of rainwater or melted snow without damage.
– Alkali Resistance: Well-suited for alkaline roof materials like concrete which corrode other coatings.

Application Considerations

Correct surface preparation and application methods are critical for roof coatings to perform as intended and last long-term. Tips include:

– Cleaning: Power wash roof to remove dirt, algae, loose paint etc. Let dry completely before coating.
– Inspection: Check for damage like cracks, holes, rotting. Perform repairs before coating application.
– Priming: Prime properly prepared surfaces for best adhesion of coating.
– Temperature: Only apply when outdoor/surface temperatures are within ranges specified by manufacturer, usually above 50°F.
– Tools: Use professional grade rollers, brushes for thorough, even distribution of coating. Avoid pinholes.
– Drying: Allow sufficient curing time between coats as per product instructions, typically 24-48 hours.
– Inspections: Re-coat every 5-7 years or as needed to maintain waterproof integrity over the roof’s lifetime.

Roof Coatings: A Sound Investment

With proper selection and application, roof coatings provide the dual benefits of protecting roofs from decay while safeguarding interiors from water damage. Beyond initial installation costs, they reduce long-term maintenance expenses like repair and replacement. Coated roofs hold their structural integrity for 10-30 years versus 5-7 years of uncoated surfaces. Overall, roof coatings represent a sound, cost-effective investment for roof rehabilitation and preservation over the service life of any building.

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