June 21, 2024
Protein Crisps

Protein Crisps – A New Way to Enjoy Healthy Snacking

Protein crisps are a relatively new snack food made primarily from whey or pea protein. Rather than being made from grains like traditional potato or corn chips, protein fragile utilize protein powders which are baked into a crispy, chip-like texture. The goal is to provide a tasty crunchy snack that is higher in protein and lower in carbs than regular chips or crackers.

Nutritional Profile of Protein fragile

Protein fragile aim to pack more protein punch with 10-15g of protein per serving while keeping carbs quite low, usually around 5g or less. Some key nutritional aspects of protein fragile include:

– High in Protein: As the name implies, Protein Crisps is the star nutrient. Most varieties provide 20-30% of the Daily Value (DV) of protein in a single serving. This can help support muscle growth and maintenance.

– Low in Carbs: Net carbs are typically 5g or less making them a better snack option for those watching their carb intake like those following ketogenic or paleo diets.

– Variety in Flavors: Popular flavors include BBQ, ranch, sea salt as well as more adventurous spins like chili lime and everything bagel. This allows for some flavor flexibility.

– High Fiber: The protein powder bases provide decent fiber levels at around 2-4g per serving to help promote fullness and digestive health.

– Other Nutrients: Small amounts of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats depending on exact brand and protein source used. Whey protein provides calcium while pea protein is rich in iron.

Are Protein Crisps Healthy?

When compared to salty snack foods like potato chips, protein fragile are definitely a healthier choice. Their nutritional profile boasts higher Protein Crisps while keeping carbs and calories quite low. A few key factors affecting their overall healthiness include:

– Protein Quality: Whey protein provides the highest quality complete protein whereas plant-based varieties may lack some essential amino acids. Blends are often used.

– Added Sugars: Some brands use modest amounts of sugar or sugar alcohols to enhance flavor however most have 1g or less of added sugars per serving.

– Artificial Ingredients: Like other packaged foods, protein fragile may contain preservatives, colors or flavors. Choosing clean label varieties avoids questionable ingredients.

– Overall Diet: While a step up from fried snacks, protein fragile are best enjoyed in moderation as an occasional snack. Pairing with other minimally processed foods ensures balanced nutrition.

When made with high quality ingredients and consumed occasionally, protein fragile offer a crunchy alternative to standard chips that many find more filling and nutritious thanks to their high protein composition. As with any snack food, moderation is key.

Where to Buy Protein Crisps

The protein fragile market has grown significantly in recent years driven by demand from health-conscious consumers and those following certain diets. Popular brands on the market today include:

– Quest Nutrition: Among the original and largest manufacturers with a variety of flavors like Ranch, Pizza and Chocolate Chip. Widely available in stores, their website or on subscription.

– Simply Protein: Known for clean whole food ingredients like peas and chickpeas in flavors like Sea Salt, BBQ and Everything Bagel. Purchase online or find in health food shops.

– The Better Chip Company: Focuses on nutritious low carb varieties made from cassava and chickpeas with Mediterranean Herb and Sea Salt flavors. Ships nationwide from their site.

– Biena: Snacking Chickpea puffs made from chickpea flour in Sesame and Sea Salt. Found in some large grocery stores and health food shops, as well as Amazon.

– Emerald Nutrition: Variety of plant-based protein fragile made from pea, lentil or chickpea flour with offerings like Chili Lime and Ranch. Available online.

For the best selection and sometimes discounts, checking manufacturer websites direct is advised. Otherwise, large health food markets, gyms or supplement shops often stock top brands as protein fragile grow in popularity.

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