April 18, 2024
Operating Tables and Lights Market

Operating Tables and Lights Market is Estimated to Witness High Growth Owing to Growing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases

The operating tables and lights market comprises medical equipment used for surgical procedures. Operating tables are designed for patient positioning and support during surgeries, while operating lights or surgical lights provide focused illumination of the operative field and tissues, allowing surgeons clear visualization. The growing prevalence of chronic diseases and rise in geriatric population has increased the demand for surgical procedures. According to WHO, non-communicable diseases account for 71% of all global deaths. This has boosted demand for operating tables and lights.

The Global Operating Tables and Lights Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 1718.67 Mn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.6% over the forecast period from 2024 to 2031.

Key Takeaways

Key players: Key players operating in the Operating Tables and Lights Market Growth are Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc., DJO Global, LLC, ACE Brand, Tynor Orthotics Private Limited, 3M Science, Mava Sports, Bauerfeind AG, Breg, Inc., Ossur, Thuasne USA, Zimmer Biomet, Kao Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd, Össur, Orthosys, Bauerfeind USA Inc., Orliman S.L.U., Steeper Inc., Beagle Orthopedic, Essity Medical Solutions, Bird & Cronin, LLC, Ottobock, Trulife, DeRoyal Industries, Inc., and Remington Medical Equipment.

Key opportunities: Growing demand for minimally invasive surgeries creates lucrative opportunities for manufacturers to develop advanced operating tables and lights tailored for minimally invasive procedures. Rising healthcare infrastructure in developing countries provides opportunities to equip operating theatres with new equipment.

Global expansion: Key players are expanding their global footprint through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. For instance, in 2023, DJO Global was acquired by Colfax Corporation to expand its reach. Rising medical tourism in Asian countries attracts players to establish subsidiaries and distributor networks in these regions.

Market drivers

The key driver fueling growth of the operating tables and lights market is the increasing geriatric population worldwide, which is more prone to chronic diseases. As per UN data, the population aged above 65 is expected to double to over 1.5 billion by 2050. The growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders boosts demand for surgical procedures, driving sales of operating equipment. Technological advancements enabling procedures with precision and minimal footprint augments market growth.

PEST Analysis

Political: Operating Tables and Lights Market are regulated to ensure safety of patients and healthcare workers during surgical procedures. Regulations apply to design, materials used and overall structural safety.

Economic: Changes in healthcare reimbursement policies and budgets impact investments in hospitals infrastructure including purchase of latest medical equipment. Economic growth influences healthcare investments.

Social: Aging population fuels growth as elderly require more surgical interventions. Increased focus on patient comfort and recovery is driving demand for advanced operating room technologies.

Technological: Adoption of robotics, computer-assisted imaging systems aid complex surgeries boosting demand. IoT integration allows remote monitoring. Development of affordable solutions expand access in price-sensitive regions.

Geographical Regions – Value concentration

In terms of value, North America accounts for the largest market share mainly attributed to higher healthcare spending, growing obesity, greater access to advanced treatment options. Europe follows led by countries like Germany, UK and France. Asia Pacific is projected to witness highest growth on back of expanding medical tourism industry in nations like India, China and increasing investments by governments in healthcare infrastructure development.

Fastest growing region

Asia Pacific region is witnessing fastest growth in operating tables and lights market owing to rapidly increasing spending on healthcare, prevalence of target disorders, rising medical tourism and significant economic development in countries like India and China. Favorable policies supporting foreign investments in this sector further aid expansion.

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