June 16, 2024

Jaboticaba Peel A Natural Solution to Reduce Inflammation and Control Post-Meal Blood Sugar Spikes in Metabolic Syndrome Patients

The peel of the jaboticaba berry, a native fruit from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, is often discarded due to its astringent properties. However, new research published in the journal Nutrition Research reveals that this discarded part of the fruit could be a valuable asset in managing obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Researchers from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in São Paulo, Brazil, discovered that volunteers with obesity and metabolic Syndrome who consumed 15g of powdered jaboticaba peel daily for five weeks experienced improvements in inflammation and blood sugar levels.

The phenolic compounds and dietary fiber found in jaboticaba peel have been shown to regulate glucose metabolism. Previous studies have demonstrated this effect. This latest study focused on the benefits of long-term consumption and found that the positive impact on blood sugar extends beyond the mealtime, affecting post-prandial glycemia.

Blood sugar typically rises after meals, even in healthy individuals, but soon returns to normal. However, the ability to lower blood sugar levels after meals is crucial for managing this variable over time and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Mário Roberto Maróstica Junior, the last author of the article and a professor at UNICAMP, explained, “Jaboticaba may not perform miracles, but it’s an excellent way to help control blood sugar. It should be used in conjunction with other measures, such as a healthy diet and regular physical activity.”

In the study, 49 patients with metabolic syndrome and obesity were divided into two groups. One group received 15g of jaboticaba peel powder daily as a supplement for five weeks, while the other group took a placebo. Various parameters, including body weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, metabolic and inflammatory markers such as interleukin-6, were assessed at the beginning and end of the study period.

The primary benefits of taking the supplement were reduced post-meal blood sugar spikes and decreased inflammation. Jaboticaba peel is a promising natural solution for managing blood sugar and inflammation in individuals with metabolic syndrome. However, it should be used in conjunction with other lifestyle modifications for optimal health benefits.

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