March 2, 2024

Introducing the Wayfinder: Titanium Flashlight with Magnetic Base

The everyday carry trend has led to a surge in pocket-sized tools that offer powerful features in compact designs. One such innovation is the Wayfinder titanium flashlight, currently gaining traction on Kickstarter.

Gone are the days when flashlights were simply used for illumination. Nowadays, flashlights are built with advanced features and no longer require large batteries to produce a bright beam of light. The market now offers a range of miniature torches, including a 3,000-lumen powerhouse with a power-monitoring display and a compact light with a pry bar on its base.

Joining the mini flashlight trend is the Wayfinder, developed by TiMate. Constructed from titanium, this flashlight boasts a quick-release magnetic base, allowing users to easily detach it for handheld use. It is also waterproof and equipped with two light settings that generate a maximum of 120 lumens. The detachable and reversible clip enables users to attach it to their shirt or pants pocket or, more practically, to the brim of a hat, transforming it into a headlamp.

The Wayfinder breaks free from traditional battery constraints, as it can be recharged using a hidden USB-C port that is revealed with a simple twist. The device offers seven hours of use on a single charge, which takes approximately 30 minutes. With a compact size of 2.72 in (70 mm) and a weight of 1.4 oz (38.9 g), it is designed to be easy to handle. Furthermore, the non-light-emitting end can double as a glass breaker.

To enhance its versatility, the Wayfinder offers various add-ons, including a cap for securing a lanyard, a carabiner-style keychain option, or a D-ring.

Since its launch, the Wayfinder has surpassed its initial Kickstarter goal of $5,000, currently raising over $14,000. With three weeks remaining in the campaign, it appears highly likely that production will proceed as planned. However, potential backers must bear in mind the inherent risks of supporting crowdfunded projects. Assuming all goes well, TiMate anticipates shipping the flashlights by year-end.

Early birds can still secure a Wayfinder flashlight for $59, while the price will increase to $69 once the super early bird offers expire. Even at the latter price point, customers enjoy a discount compared to the final retail price of $79.


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