April 24, 2024

Garden Carts and Wheelbarrows: Essential Tools for Outdoor Tasks


Garden carts and wheelbarrows are simple yet extremely useful tools that have been helping gardeners and landscapers for centuries. Whether you need to transport soils, mulch, plants or other gardening materials, these rolling workhorses make outdoor projects so much easier. With a variety of styles and sizes available, there is a cart or wheelbarrow suited for any type of yard work or landscaping tasks.

What is the Difference Between a Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow?
While garden carts and wheelbarrows serve similar purposes, there are some key distinctions between the two. A wheelbarrow only has one wheel at the rear for balance and steering while being pushed from the handles at the front. This design allows wheelbarrows to be tipped forward for easy dumping. Garden carts, on the other hand, typically have four wheels for improved stability and maneuverability when rolling or turning. Carts also have an enclosed body for containing loose materials.

Garden Carts: Versatile All-Rounders

Garden carts come in a wide array of styles to suit different needs. Collapsible carts fold up for compact storage when not in use. Heavy-duty steel carts can haul large volumes of supplies, rocks, mulch or potted trees and plants. Plastic carts are lightweight yet durable options. Carts with pneumatic tires roll smoothly over most surfaces. Those with solid rubber tires are better for uneven terrain.

No matter the style, garden carts are appreciated for their versatility. Their full enclosure keeps loads neatly contained and materials like soil, mulch or compost from spilling out. The four-wheel design provides excellent stability on hills and when fully loaded. Carts are easy to steer and maneuver around landscapes. Those with brake pedals allow for controlled descents on slopes. Larger garden carts can transport hundreds of pounds of materials in one trip.

Wheelbarrows: Perfect for Dumping and Hauling

While garden carts are convenient all-round transport solutions, wheelbarrows truly shine when it comes to dumping and hauling ability. Their signature triangular wheelbase and angled body perfectly suit tipping loads backwards for emptying. Wheelbarrows make quick work of moving soils, mulches, stones and debris where needed.

There are wheelbarrows customized for specific uses. Landscaping wheelbarrows have extra-deep containers for maximum capacity. Lightweight tubular steel frames provide durability without bulk. Pneumatic tires perform well on any surface. Masonry wheelbarrows feature beds lined with non-sparking material safe for moving stone and concrete. Flatbed wheelbarrows transport boards, ladders and other long supplies flat instead of dumping.

Wheelbarrow Anatomy
All wheelbarrows share the same basic layout but may differ in design details. The wheel and axle provide mobility and balance the weight. A contoured tub holds materials and optionally features D-shaped or square profiles. Side handles on either side allow for steering and lifting from either end. Long handles at the rear provide leverage for pushing and dumping loads backwards out of the tub. Sturdy construction from steel, aluminum or plastic creates a chassis that withstands intensive use.

Choosing Between a Cart or Wheelbarrow
When selecting a cart or wheelbarrow, consider how you will be transporting materials and the types of surfaces involved. For general landscaping, a garden cart offers superior maneuverability for rolling supplies everywhere easily. However, nothing beats a wheelbarrow for efficiently moving soils and dumping where you need it. For rocky or uneven terrain, look for a rugged wheelbarrow with smooth-rolling pneumatic tires. Having both a garden cart along with one or two specialized wheelbarrows covers all bases for any yard project.

Popular Brands and Models

There are many quality brands that have been designing and building top-performing garden carts and wheelbarrows for decades. Some widely available options worth considering include:

– Gorilla Carts – Known forCartwell Garden Cart, heavy-duty poly carts, and collapsibe carts
– Yardworks – Basic steel wheelbarrows and affordable plastic carts at consumer stores
– Jackson – Professional grade aluminum wheelbarrows and steel carts
– Bully Tools – Tubular steel landscaping wheelbarrows built to last
– Rio Tools – Feature pneumatic tired wheelbarrows and carts suited for all surfaces
– Greenworks – Budget-friendly poly carts and basic steel wheelbarrows
– Shindaiwa – Heavy-duty commercial wheelbarrows with large 10 cubic foot capacities

With so many great options to choose from, finding the right garden cart or wheelbarrow is easy. Simply decide how you will be using it and your budget, and the selection process becomes straightforward. For serious gardeners and landscapers, it pays to invest in high-quality brands proven to stand up to daily use season after season.


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