May 20, 2024
Civilized Cycles Introduces Pedal-Assist Semi-Trike Cargo Hauler

Civilized Cycles Introduces Pedal-Assist Semi-Trike Cargo Hauler

Brooklyn-based company, Civilized Cycles, known for its low-step ebike called the Model 1, is now developing a cargo hauler called the Semi-Trike. The concept for the Semi-Trike features a covered three-wheel tractor with a 6061 aluminum frame and comfortable seating with a backrest. The tractor is equipped with adjustable pedals and handlebars for a customizable riding experience.

The Semi-Trike comes with a fatbike suspension fork and a 20-inch wheel with a 4-inch-wide tire. It also has two chunky 8-inch wheels at the rear. The tractor features a hydraulic brake on the front and a hand-actuated integrated rear disc brake.

The cargo hauler will be available in three power variants. The Economy option will have a single 1,200-W axle-mounted motor, chainless drive, manual two-speed gears, and a UL-certified battery pack and electronics. The Standard offering will have a dual-motor high-torque setup with chain drive, a virtual gearbox, and UL-certified US-built batteries. The commercial variant will feature a Valeo/Heinzmann hub motor and UL-certified US batteries.

All configurations of the Semi-Trike will include a 1-ton axle and will be capable of hauling goods in medium or extra-large trailers. The medium trailer will have a 36-inch width, while the XL trailer will have a 48-inch width. Both trailers will have a floor height of 20 ft and a total payload capacity of 750 lb.

The trailers will come with patented auto-self-leveling air suspension, a custom axle with zero-roll trailing arms, a pair of 8-inch wheels, and electric drum braking. The render of the trailers suggests that they are divided into four compartments, but customers will likely have the option to customize the setup according to their needs. The Semi-Trike also mentions support for refrigerated cargo, although further details are not available at this time. The top assisted speed of the Semi-Trike is reported to be 15 mph.

Civilized Cycles is currently seeking test partners in Detroit for a pilot program in early 2022. The company is looking for businesses or organizations that currently transport goods locally using cars, vans, or trucks and are interested in testing out this innovative and sustainable alternative.

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