June 20, 2024

Developing a Standardized Approach to Harness the Power of Oncolytic Viruses in Cancer Therapy

The exploration of pathogens, including common cold and influenza viruses, as potential agents to combat cancer cells is gaining significant traction in research laboratories worldwide. This approach, known as oncolytic virotherapy, involves utilizing viruses that do not cause disease when engineered, to selectively target and destroy cancer cells.

Dr. Shashi Gujar, a cancer researcher and professor at Dalhousie University specializing in immunotherapy, explains the potential of this technology, stating, “We can engineer almost any virus to be used as a Cancer therapy, as long as it is safe and not causing any disease.”

However, it is crucial that the development and application of this technology adhere to rigorous standards to ensure its safety and efficacy. To address this need, Dr. Gujar, along with Dr. Guido Kroemer from the Center de Recherche des Cordeliers in Paris and Dr. John Bell from the University of Ottawa, have published a paper in the journal Nature Protocols. This paper provides a comprehensive guide on the design, production, and testing of oncolytic viruses (OVs) for use in cancer immunotherapy.

Cancer immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that enhances the body’s immune system to fight cancer. The standardized guidance offered in the paper aims to accelerate the development of OVs as a promising anti-cancer drug, ultimately benefiting cancer patients. Dr. Gujar emphasizes the importance of adhering to global standards, stating, “We need to ensure that this technology is developed with the highest standards to ensure its safety and efficacy, and to bring this amazing anti-cancer drug to cancer patients as soon as possible.”

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