April 20, 2024
Cable Management Accessories

Cable Management Accessories: Organizing Your Wires

Whether it’s in your home office, workshop, or other workspace, cable management is important to keep your wires tidy and organized. The many cables used for power, networking, audio/video, and more can quickly become tangled messes without the right accessories. In this article, we will explore some of the best cable management accessories available and how they can help you organize your cables.

Cable Ties and Wraps

One of the simplest yet most effective cable management accessories are cable ties and wraps. Cable ties come in various sizes and strengths to secure bundles of cables together. Look for cable ties made of durable plastic that won’t break easily over time. Reusable velcro cable wraps are another option that allow cables to be bundled together but also easily separated when needed. Both cable ties and wraps come in different colors to help with color-coding your cables as well.

Having cable ties and wraps on hand makes it easy to bundle together power cords, Ethernet cables, speaker wires, and more. Route bundled cables along the backs of desks, tables, and equipment to keep work surfaces clear. Plastic bundling ties and velcro wraps make itpainless to organize and reroute cables as needed. Their low cost makes them worthwhile additions to any cable management kit.

Cable Conduits and Raceways

For large Cable Management Accessories across floors or along walls, cable conduits and raceways provide cleaner routing solutions compared to leaving cables exposed. Cable conduits are hollow tubes that cables can be inserted and protected inside of. Cable raceways are open-top trays that sit flush against surfaces to contain and organize cables. Both come in different sizes depending on the number and thickness of cables needed.

Conduits and raceways help create a neat and uniform look for cable runs. They protect cables from potential damage where they may be walked on or come into contact with sharp edges. Snap-together raceway systems make it easy to install cables along baseboards or crown molding throughout a home. Flexible conduits allow curved routing around obstacles. For high-traffic areas, look for durable metal raceways instead of plastic varieties that can potentially break down over time with foot traffic.

Cable Management Panels and Channels

Perfect for clean, concealed cable access in offices, workshops, and server rooms are cable management panels and channels. Panels mount to the backs of furniture and equipment with cable grommets to allow wires to neatly pass through. On the other side, channels run edge-to-edge and have cutouts every few inches. This allows panels to mount flush but still provide access points to add or remove cables as needed.

Modular cable management channels allow creating customized short or long runs as needed on desktops, walls, and shelving. Snap-together designs make installations quick and tool-less. Clear tops allow seeing contained cables for tracing purposes. Grounding models provide surge protection as well. Cable management panels and channels create a factory-finish look for complex cable installations behind desks and industrial machinery.

Wall-Mount and Desk-Mount Cable Management

Make the most use of vertical surfaces with wall-mount and desk-mount cable management accessories. Wall-mounted spooling systems neatly wrap excess cable out of sight. Cable wraps disguise wall warts and extend power strips away from outlets. Wall tracks route cords up and down as needed. For desks, vertical cable management strips or columns mount stands to neatly stow cables behind or next to computers and monitors.

Cable management hooks, clips and straps provide endless mounting options as well. Plastic cable straps cinch cords in place on shelves or furniture edges. Hooks attach power strips, docking stations and accessories up high or hang below surfaces. Reusable cable clips adhere nearly anywhere to train cords along edges. With wall and desk mounts, cables stay clear from foot traffic and don’t drape where they can be accidentally pulled.

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