July 18, 2024

Innovative Titanium Ring Introduces Advanced Measuring Features to Everyday Carry Toolkits

Enhancing the capabilities of everyday carry (EDC) multitools, the titanium Tiroler ring is revolutionizing the measuring experience. With its portable and intelligent design, this sleek ring allows users to easily take accurate measurements on the go.

The Tiroler ring addresses a common issue faced by EDC multitool users – the limitations of built-in rulers. These rulers are typically short, resulting in measurements being taken in increments of three or four inches, regardless of the actual length. This is where the Tiroler ring steps in, offering a solution that surpasses traditional measuring tools.

Crafted from durable titanium, the Tiroler ring is currently being funded through Kickstarter. Its design allows the central wheel, marked with either imperial or metric scales, to rotate freely as the user rolls it along a surface. The measurements are displayed through a small window on the outer ring. To keep track of progress, users are greeted with a satisfying click after each full revolution.

For the metric version of the ring, a click is triggered every 10 cm, while the imperial version offers a click after every five inches. This intuitive system enables users to effortlessly measure objects of various sizes. For instance, when using the imperial version to measure the edge of a piece of furniture, if six clicks are heard and the number three is displayed in the window, it signifies a length of 33 inches. This clever integration of measurement capabilities into a compact form factor eliminates the need for traditional tape measures.

The Tiroler ring excels at measuring irregularly shaped objects, such as seat cushions or round bowls, due to its rolling design. Additionally, its sleek appearance allows it to be worn as a stylish necklace. For those who prefer a more practical storage solution, the ring is also available with a small leather carrying pouch that can be conveniently attached to a keyring.

The Tiroler ring has gained significant support from the Kickstarter community, raising over US$143,000, far surpassing its initial funding goal of $3,343. With 11 days remaining in the campaign, early-bird pledges are still available for the metric version at ¥8,650 (approximately $58) and the imperial version at ¥10,300 (approximately $69).

While backing crowdfunded projects should always be approached with caution, the Tiroler ring has demonstrated substantial support and is expected to move forward with production. The makers anticipate shipping to commence in mid-December, offering backers the opportunity to experience this innovative measuring tool firsthand.



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