July 23, 2024

Benchmark Vehicles Introduces the Luxurious and Adventure-Ready Deso Camper Van

Oregon-based Benchmark Vehicles has unveiled its latest creation, the Deso camper van, designed to conquer any off-road adventure in style. Packed with a multitude of aftermarket components and features, the Deso sets itself apart from other camper vans in the market. With a price tag starting at $395,000, it’s clear that this camper van is targeted at those who are either extremely wealthy or willing to make significant sacrifices to own it.

The Deso camper van is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 platform, offering a spacious and comfortable interior for a luxurious camping experience. Benchmark Vehicles aims to empower its clients to chart their own course and create their own adventures, even in the most remote destinations.

One of the standout features of the Deso is its slide-out tray, capable of carrying up to four bicycles. This makes it an ideal choice for both two-wheel and four-wheel outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore dirt and gravel trails. The bikes are stored securely inside the van’s garage, accessed through an under-bed door. In addition to the bike tray, the Deso comes equipped with various carriers and accessories, including a spare tire carrier/ladder, expedition box cargo carrier, shovel, and a rooftop safari rack. The van also features auxiliary lighting and a Starlink satellite dish mount.

Inside, the Deso offers a semi-private master bedroom with a full-height driver-side bathroom and a passenger-side cabinet. Flarespace flares are installed on the sidewalls to increase space around the bed. The camper van is insulated with a Havelock wool insulation package and features a Nomadic Cooling X3 air conditioner for temperature control. Mosquito mesh screens on the side and rear windows allow for ventilation while keeping insects out.

The kitchen in the Deso is equipped with high-end electric appliances, including a Breville Grind Control coffeemaker, induction cooktop, convection microwave, and a large Vitrifrigo fridge. The sink has a dedicated faucet for filtered water supplied by a Guzzle H2O filtration system. To ensure power supply for all these appliances, the van is equipped with an off-grid-ready electrical system, including a lithium battery, solar panels, inverter/charger, and an auxiliary van alternator. The Deso can also be connected to shore power through a 30-A hookup.

The seating and dining areas in the Deso are designed for comfort and versatility. The front swivel seats and rear jump seat with a seatbelt provide ample space for driving and lounging during the day. A fully adjustable Lagun table offers a flexible dining and workspace. The rear seat can also be folded flat to create an additional sleeping berth.

Powering the Deso is a Mercedes twin-turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, paired with the latest all-wheel drive system. To enhance off-road performance, Benchmark Vehicles has upgraded the suspension with Agile Off Road components, including Fox shocks and Bilstein struts. The camper van is also fitted with BFG K02 tires for superior traction.

For those who find the price of the fully loaded Deso camper van to be too high, Benchmark Vehicles offers a range of configurations starting from $250,000. While still a significant investment, these options provide a more accessible entry point into the world of off-road adventure and luxury camping.

Overall, the Benchmark Vehicles Deso camper van offers the perfect blend of comfort, capability, and adventure. With its extensive list of features and well-equipped interior, it is sure to attract outdoor enthusiasts who value both style and functionality. Whether cruising through remote trails or camping in the great outdoors, the Deso camper van promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking the ultimate adventure on wheels.


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